Monday, April 14, 2008

Harry Potter: Extras

J.K. Rowling’s writing has often been referred to as being so descriptive that it is though you are in the theatre watching a play or a movie; her words create such vivid mental images in your mind. You will soon take on the role of a “Thematic Thinker” as you present important themes through this fantastical work of fantasy. As you have read, many novels classified as high fantasy embody the classic theme of the struggle between good and evil. Harry and his friends are part of this struggle as they face the evil of Voldemort in "another world." Part of the power of fantasy lies in the truths it reveals about the “real world.” Think about any of the many themes that are revealed in this book. For example: power of love, bravery, loyalty, prejudice, making choices/decisions, names and identities, dreams, truth, determination, fear, desires, rebellion/rule-breaking, success , or any other themes you think may be appropriate. Please blog about Harry Potter through these many thematic connections. Be specific and reference the book through specific examples.

I think one of the main themes in Harry Potter is the value of being humble. Harry learned humility from being neglected with the Dursleys for 11 years. But humble Harry didn't end when he went to the Hogwart's School of Witchcraft and Wizardy. He was treated so badly with the Dursleys but it never seemed to bother him that bad. I really felt sorry for him.
I also think that peer pressure is present in this book. At Hogwarts, everyone respects the headmaster, especially Harry but even he couldn't resist peer pressure to go on the 3rd floor.
Desire is present in the book. Dudley wants multiple tv's and pretty much everything. Later in the book, Voldemort wants the Sorcerer's Stone no matter what.
Harry Potter must have had any identity crisis because I can't imagine thinking I'm one thing for eleven years, then finding out I'm pretty much a celebrity. Poor Harry.

The Mirror of Erised plays an important role in this later part of the book. Think about what the mirror symbolizes, the significance of the mirror to Harry Potter, and the theme captured by this mirror. Create a visual representation of what you would see in the Mirror of Erised along with an explanation of your image.

My mirror represents my heart's desire. Right now my heart's desire is to finish school and graduate! I also want to be engaged and get married. I would love to find a teaching job in Wilkes County, where I'm from. And lastly, have a baby. My mirror shows an ASU diploma, an engagement ring, a bride holding flowers, a pass that says, Wilkes County teacher, and a pregnant woman.

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Dr. Frye said...

Thanks for sharing Kristen. What message was written around the mirror ? Did you figure it out? :)